Jean Le Boulanger

création graphique & photographie

Night Riders
Tous les ans depuis 25 ans a lieu en août à Anglet la compétition de surf en équipe appelée "Surf de Nuit". Comme son nom l'indique, elle se déroule de nuit, par équipe de trois. Les surfeuses et surfeurs utilisent des boards équipées de LED de couleur lors de 3 manches de 45 minutes. C'est un spectacle sportif et visuel hors du commun qui offre des scènes d'action à couper le souffle.
HBC Nantes
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Branding
Adeline & Thomas I
Vendredi 1er juin 2018
Adeline & Thomas II
Samedi 2 & dimanche 3 juin 2018
Last summer in Nantes (France).
I don't need roads
Self portrait for my personal promotion.
Photography, Art Direction, Retouching
Manchester, UK / Feb 2018
I spent a week in Manchester (UK) for the Roller Derby World Cup. Here's a sneak peek of my journey in this wonderful city with so many spots to photograph.
Tagada Jones
Illustration, Graphic Design
Plein Ciel 2017 brochure
Plein Ciel is a french office supplies and stationery Company. I was asked by Resonnances & Cie to create the cover of its 2017 brochure. As the Plein Ciel's logo is a red square, I chose to create little white and red cubic office supplies in order to show the range of products in a fun and creative way.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Digital Art
2k17 greeting card for Sparkk
I created this balloony greeting card for the french web design agency Sparkk.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Digital Art
Le Hangar Skatepark
Visual creation for the Nantes' (France) main skatepark for its opening season.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
XIII Mystery
Ad campaign for the XIII spin-of comic book XIII Mystery. The idea was to show the richness of the stories by immersing the reader directly in the action.
Art Direction, Graphic Design
A few headshots done in the last few years.
Photography, Digital Photography, Retouching
Lise // Infinite Coaching
Lise just started her own business as a personal trainer here in Nantes. She asked me to shoot a few pictures for her communication. Here's the results of the two sessions we did some days ago.
Art Direction, Photography, Retouching
Smatis website redesign
I was asked by Smatis (a french health insurance company) to redesign their website. I had to start from scratch because the client wanted it to be completely new with a modern approach and a simple but creative design.
Web Design, Art Direction, UI/UX
Légende // US campaign
US Ad campaign for Légende, one of the Domaines Barons Rothschild wine collection.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Advertising
Youenn Lebeau
Youenn Lebeau, former MMA fighter, now coach/manager for the United Fight Team in Nantes. You can discover the portrait of this really nice guy on
Photography, Retouching, Journalism
3D stuff
Reality is just a matter of perception.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Art
Black Bomb A Logo Design
Illustration for the french punk hardcore band Black Bomb A.
Graphic Design, Illustration
Jules Vénères // Mens Roller Derby from LA
I had the pleasure to shoot the Jules Vénères 2015/2016 roster. I first shooted the players in studio and then added the ground and the background in post-production (3D CGI).
Art Direction, Photography
BeforAfter, a roller derby project.
Roller Derby is a tough sport with a lot of hits, drops, touches… It requires a very good physical condition and great knowledge in game tacticals. The players body take a huge blow during the 1 hour games. I asked some derby girls to posture before and after a game so that we can see the changes due to the physical effort. And I must admit that the results are very disparate. This serie was realised for the french sport website Big thanks to the GENT GO-GO ROLLER GIRLS, NANTES DERBY GIRLS ET DIRTY RIVER ROLLER GRRRLS – TURKU ROLLER DERBY for joining the project.
Art Direction, Photography, Retouching
Le Mariage du Bout du Monde
I had the honour to create the visual identity of my little sister's wedding. She and her husband chose to say yes to each other in a music festival wedding theme. So after inventing a name I created the branding of the event. Logo, brochure, goodies… We did everything like for a real music festival! It was an awesome work. and of course an awesome wedding. 
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Co(s)mic Tour
The french punk rock band Les 3 Fromages entrusted me to create the key visual of their new Tour. I was in charge of the whole graphic work including the photographies and the graphic design. I did a photo compositing and created the logo in 3D as well as the helmet which was missing for the shooting.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography
Art Direction, Illustration, Branding
SCoT Pays de Brest
Logo and poster proposal for the Schéma de Cohérence Territoriale of the Pays de Brest Pôle Métropolitain. (I did not create the illustrations)
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Advertising
Don't Mix Up // Roller Derby Poster
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
1018 // Meurtres à la Française
3 fold brochure to promote the french writers specialised in crime fictions.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Advertising
10/18 visual identity
New visual identity proposition. The idea was to put the book in the story's universe with a very graphic touch.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Advertising
Music posters mostly for parisian venues.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Print Design
Gears of War Toy Soldiers
D'aucun disent que la nuit, les jouets prennent vie. Que feraient donc les personnages du jeu vidéo Gears of War au milieu de mon salon, entre mes chaussures et ma table basse ? C'est ce que je me suis amusé à imaginer dans plusieurs visuels alliant photographie, design graphique et retouches numériques.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Photography
Honda CB 750 Four Custom
I found this beautiful custom Honda CB 750 Four in the streets of Nantes. I just couldn't resist to take a few pictures of this awesome bike. I don't know whose ride it is but it's surely a stunning cafe racer!
These are my illustration works. I mostly draw them for metal/hardcore/grindcore gig posters. I love to mix medias so I first use my good old pencils to sketch the picture and then add colors in photoshop. I'll try to feed this project as often as possible. Hope to add some new works soon!
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